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Why List on LiBo?

  • Monetize your space

    Got that extra space which is unutilized! Its time to Monetize with LiBo, where you list your space and proceed to count your money.

  • You’re the boss

    Choose your accepted uses and amenities and customize your Space’s description to fit your requirements.

  • List for free

    Continuous marketing. Unlimited listings. From creation to promotion its free.

  • Peace of mind

    Customer User profiles, social network integration, community reviews, and in-app messaging allows Hosts to make an informed decision before choosing to accept a reservation request.

  • All within clicks!!

    Look, Click, List and Book. Libo not only sounds easy but also is easy across all platforms web and app.

  • Secure payment

    Upon successful booking, Libo secures payment from Guests and upon beginning of the reservation you’ll see the money in your bank

  • Your space, your price

    Right from the duration to amenities you decide the tariff because we at Libo understand that you know your space better than anyone else.

  • Reach out

    When you share your space with a Guest, you’ll have the opportunity to work alongside people from different sectors of the industry from different walks of life spread over various age groups.